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Educational Sessions

Classroom or Career: When you Get to a Fork in the Road, Take It

Modern Instructional Mindsets, Modern Learning Spaces: When Learning Needs Drive Design Decisions

Navigating History: Balancing Educational Needs, Project Budgets, and Heritage Within Historic Campuses

Parallels of CTE, PBL and STEM at Work in Education

The Anatomy of a Successful Project: Exploring the Tension, Synergy and Symbiosis Among Architecture, Engineering and Educational Planning in the Design Process

The Three P's...People, Pinterest and Programming: Planning a school for homeless children in Oklahoma City

Applications of Innovation Technologies to Design and Build Better Learning Spaces

21st Century Learning Acoustics

3-in-1: Serving and Integrating Three Distinct Audiences and Purposes in a Single Building

9 Questions

Architecture for Pedagogy and Urban Renewal: Designing the Future 

Beyond Design Project Zero (DP0): How design thinking can jump start the creative process in planning for innovative learning environments

Calculating School Capacity: Strategies for the New Generation of Learners

Creating a New Early Learning Environment? Learn how to navigate the design and construction of educational environments for Pre-K students

Designing for Change - Hands and Mind

Gaming the System

Global Innovations in Place - Conducting an Educational and Facilities Master Plan for Boston Public Schools

How Do We Get There From Here? Master Planning Best Practices for Existing Schools 

How to make Learning Commons Really Work: A research based evaluation explores how to assure that a Learning Commons is really an effective learning environments

Humanizing the Education Machine: Leading Change as an Influencer  

Inspired By Design

IPD - The Red Deer Catholic Story

Make a Difference: Design Schools to Benefit Learning

Next Gen Technologies Worth Watching

Outdoor Learning Environments: An Opportunity to Incorporate Authentic Local Elements and to Enhance their Potential with Community-School Collaboration

Pedagogy of Space: 'The world in which our children live in and will move into is one that will continue to change'

STEM at the Elementary Level 

The (un)Classroom: Environments that Support Personal & Immersive Learning

The Critical Investment into Outdoor Education: An Investment too Valuable to Ignore

The Innovation Campus: Student-Driven Learning for the NEXT Century

The Power of Unlearning: Rethinking Education to Empower Modern Learners  

Transformational Strategies: Taking Existing Spaces into the 21st Century

Transformative Microenvironments: Moving From Inspiration to Activation

What can Public School Districts Learn About Facilities from For-Profit Providers?

Whole School Sustainability 101: Leading Green Schools for Vibrant Purposeful Learning

Wholeness - The Key to Unlocking Innovation in Education

A Revised Lesson Plan for Student Success

Doing More with Less

Hacking the School Building: An innovator's guide to future ready learning environments